Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits


Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits

Cancer person has in-depth feelings and emotions. There is much going on inside them. He is emotional, instinctive and practical which is characterized by its ruling planet Moon. When you become their friend you know how friendly and warm people they are. However, at first meet, they appear to be barbed and reticent.

Their sixth senses are generally on point. If they perceive any person as arrogant then later it states to be true. This is also followed in their relationship, they make a mindset before it will work or not and then go with the flow.

Just a small talk and they judge you, this actually makes them difficult to communicate that is the reason they prefer indirect communication often. However, a contradiction to this is when they caught someone red-handed they want to clear things out. Similarly, when they are in a comfy zone they are overwhelming and generally for small gatherings prefer small groups to hang on.

They are a romantic and generous lover who expects the same from their partners. These people are straightforward and hate chasing or stalking. If they love you they will confess without a second thought. With dating few weeks he will be committed to you as he wants an assurance that he made a right decision.

Being a crab he is always looking out for safety first. They are happy to go loving people and loves to maintain the duo although he also want s few things to be done solo. He is the one who is imaginative thus looks for a grounded person to motivate them to convert their dreams into reality.

They are more inclined towards creativity thus painting, singing, writing; reading is something they binge on. They may find self-actualization in the true realm of spirituality. However they are intense but their other side is naughty, humorous and mimicking who loves to spread joy.

In short, a Cancer is a loyal persona and only a few times is prone to fault. If they love you they will fight for you from the entire world. As an emotional sign, they teach the world that they are also there in this world with true heart and devotion.

The word CANCER stands for

C for caring

A for affectionate

N for nurturing

C for creative

E for emotional

R for resilient

Quick factsCancer Zodiac Characteristics
Element Water
Ruling PlanetMoon
Lucky Number2, 3, 15 and 20
Represented byThe Crab
Ruling HouseFourth
Spirit ColorWhite
Lucky dayMonday and Thursday
Lucky GemRuby, Pearl
Compatible withCapricorn, Pisces and Taurus
Positive traitsLoyal, Emotional, Sympathetic, tenacious and Creative
Negative TraitsMoody, Pessimist, Manipulative, Suspicious and Posessive