Cancer Woman in Love & Relation

Cancer Woman in Love & Relation
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Cancer Woman in Love

She is a moon maiden lady with mystery and thrill in her personality. Being a water element she is an emotional soul with deep intuitions.  She may be little surpassing at first but when you get to know her she will warm you up with her trust and friendly nature. She is a loyal companion and expects the same from her partner. If she is betrayed she will never return back and completely cut off every connection.

Her personality is ruled by her feelings and she does not let go of things easily. She keeps her emotions lock and remembers her wounds. If you hear a door slamming then you can find her in the same direction. These are the signs that she is angry and you need to talk to her.

A Cancer lady loves to talk openly and communicate properly by expressing what’s going on her mind and life. Moon as a ruler keeps them connected with body, mind, and soul in a spiritual manner. She is interlinked with past and modern living. She is the one who is keeping all the customs alive with a modern touch.

She is moody but is a keen learner too. She is always in the path of nurturing herself by combating her mood whenever she is feeling down. She is generally sacrificing and caring nature for her loved ones.

Cancer Woman relationship and Sex life

Her way of expressing love to her partner is more like a mother which is actually irrepressible for her. You get a lover and a caretaker, although this confuses her many a time about her relationship and feelings. She is not selfish at all and will give her everything to you ones she accepts her love. But this can be advantageous for others too; she needs to be rational when it comes to love rather being flown in emotions.

Bingo! Your lady is a passionate lover and connects with their better half in the warmest manner. Her bond is powerful and satisfying. When she has fallen completely for you, her world revolves around you. She will get away from the rest of the world and make a small space where only you will be there. While you are enjoying every bit with her she may take this relation as symbiotic and codependent which is habitual for a needy Cancer.

Friends steps to the second position in her list when she finds a partner. Her attention and time are for his soul mate increase extremely which is overlooking other relations. This generally tends to self-care and selfishness.

They have an intense sexual desire which is connected with emotions and lovemaking but her Mars take her instincts and she is unable to express her sexuality and needs. She needs an open-minded and understanding partner who understands her needs and act accordingly. Whether she reveals her desire or not she wants her partner to recognize what’s going on her mind.