Cancer Zodiac Strengths and Weakness

Cancer Zodiac Strengths and Weakness

These people are loving, caring and appreciative towards life’s security and identity. They are overwhelming in all aspects of life and love to be secured. This is also indicated through their zodiac symbol crab which mentions the need of safety as a priority. They instigate task only when they feel secure and comfortable. This is because they want to give their loved ones a comfortable living by supporting them emotionally and physically. Many Cancerians you will meet will be secured, cozy and mingling natured.

Like a crab, they adapt themselves to fight against the world through a safeguard. They are mysterious and profound in nature as they don’t want to share their feelings quickly with anyone. They don’t like revealing all the cards and prefer indirect communication more.

They are protective but sometimes they may act as moody and brooding if they do not get comfy and match their set goals. They are often perceived as clingy due to their receptive nature. They have a strong desire for success and a typical Cancer native will always be successful.

Strengths of a Cancerian

These are extremely loving and caring people. Due to this, they are considered most nurturing one amongst other zodiacs. They are compassionate and selfless people those who love others without any gain or benefits. Their loyalty is above par for their friends and family. They take stands for justice and always find happiness in others. For them sharing is caring and happiness can be in the form of security. They suffer a lot if they have a breakup or fight with their loved ones.

Some may have an odd sense of humor or may find it in jokes where no one finds it funny. They are very good when the situation is worse as they try to get along with people and make their mood. They are trustful and honest, hence become great friends to be with. They are great listeners too. If you have any problem you can openly share with them as they will understand your situation and won’t let you down.

The weakness of a Cancerian

When it comes to affection they are quite needy. This may lead them to dishonesty as they want to fulfill their desire. Especially in cases when they think that their lie will help them maintain relationships with friends and partner. They can’t see people walk off from their lives and this fear of abandonment leads them to reach extremes.

Past is something which they don’t let go. They are highly sensitive; they will forgive you but won’t forget whatever happened. The scar of past always remain fresh in their mind and they remember them again and again which leads to healing problems. When they suffer they deal it with single-handedly as they don’t want anyone get into it. Their insecurities take them into their shell again.

They are moody sometimes and due to their habit of hiding feelings, they let them pile up and may lash out even on small problems.

In summary

Positives of Cancer: Nurturing, Supportive, Healing, Compassionate, Unconditional loving.

Negatives of Cancer: Dependent, Moody, Aggressive, Passive Aggressive.